This year sees the World Premiere of Greg's adaptation of 'The Hobbit' which has had a hugely successful 5 week run at The Children's Theatre in Minneapolis. He both wrote the Adaptation and Directed the Production. The Hobbit is currently being produced at The Virginia Stage Company


Star Tribune

Mystical, magical 'Hobbit',

'Ingenious and absorbingly beautiful', 'Gripping', 'Magical', 'A palpable fantasia of magic and light', 'Its a compelling, thrilling, ride'  

Broadway World

'Spectacular Style inhabits Superlative World premiere.'

'Conjures Adventure and exhilaration galore', 'Dazzles with humour and thrills' 'An other worldly production.' 

MNN Post

'Witty Hobbit skips, dances and soars.'

'Skips and dances on eagles wings', 'There's so much going on you have to pay attention, and when you do, you realise your imagination is firing on all cylinders. Its a good feeling' 

Play Off The Page

'Magical', 'I sat mesmerized' 


'Thrilling', 'A captivating experience' 'A truly excellent cast' 

'A richly satisfying enactment of the story.'

The script for The Hobbit is now available through Plays For Young Audiences


In September Greg directed his adaptation of 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' for two actors at The Children's Theatre in Minneapolis, where it was originally commissioned. The production was extremely well received. 'Snow White' is currently being produced at The Childrens Theatre in Seattle.

 'Snow White is currently 

Star Tribune:

'Dark, Honest and full of play'

'A tour de force'

'A rollicking funny treat'

'Theatrical virtuosity'

PhenoMNenal Twin Cities:

'A remarkable display of fourth-wall-be-damned acting and directing prowess'

'Whip smart, subtly( and not-so subtly) progressive and quite funny'

Pioneer Press:

'A contemporary take on a very old tale that honours both past and present'

'Dynamic and full of energy'

Greg directed the premiere production of Snow White in April 2018 at The Arden Theatre in Philadelphia.  

Philly family.com

A dark and innovative Snow White' 

Mark Cofta

'A Dwarf Tour de Force: '.....but when O'Hara transforms into all seven Dwarfs within a mere sixty seconds an onlooker cant help but be impressed. As the actor readjusts his  cap, expression, voice and comportment to play a new character, he creates a complete debate-echoing modern arguement about immigration-on whether to allow a lost, hungry and hurting eleven year old stranger into their house.'

'.....Banks resists talking down to the audience. Doing right is a decision that comes with risks.'  


Greg's scripts, including Antigone, Pinocchio, Jungle Book, Huck Finn, The Hobbit, Snow White, Robin Hood and Into The Westare regularly produced throughout the States and are available through Plays for Young Audiences


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