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Ivey Award winner

Best Director 2009 

Romeo and Juliet (Minneapolis)

TMA Award

Twice Nominated

Best Play for children and young people

'Why The Whales Came' & 'Tir Na N'og'

Samuel Beckett Award

2000 for Tir Na N'og

Director and Writer


Greg has established an international  reputation in his work for young audiences of all ages. 
There is,  throughout his work in both scripts and direction, a desire to speak honestly about the world.
His scripts have a fluid muscularity, a rhythm that is echoed in the strongly physical nature of his direction. Music is an essential component. A close collaboration with composers and on stage musicians to create a live and original score, ensures that the music is fully integrated into the work, driving the story forwards, evoking place and emotion in a very specific way. 
It is important  that the audience is not just a passive observer,  that they are acknowledged by the actors and that the story being told is shared by everyone in the room.
Greg is currently a guest  Director at The Minneapolis Children's Theatre where he has been commissioned to write and direct many adaptations of well know classics including Huck Finn, Antigone, The Hobbit, Snow White, Pinocchio, The Jungle Book and Robin Hood. He has also directed Romeo and Juliet, Wrinkle In Time, Charlotte's Web and Sleeping Beauty for the Children's Theatre.
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Other productions he has written and directed include Tir Na N'og  for Travelling Light Theatre **** (Guardian), Nominated TMA Award. 'Why The Whales Came' an adaptation of a Jim Sheridans film 'Into The west' for The Plymouth Theatre Royal and Theatre Alibi **** (Guardian) Nominated TMA Award. 
Greg has written over thirty original scripts many of which are currently being produced at Theatres and other venues  throughout The States and Canada. Some are also available through 'Plays For Young Audiences'.

'This isn't just exceptional children's theatre, it is complex, vivid and moving'

Lyn Gardner - The Guardian


Minneapolis Children's Theatre

'Antigone' Adapted from Sophocles and Anouilh

  (Writer and Director)

'Sleeping Beauty' by Charles Way (Director)

'Huck Finn' (Writer and Director)

'Romeo and Juliet' (Director)

'Robin Hood' (Writer and Director)

'Wrinkle in Time' (Director)

'Charlottes Web' (Director)

'Pinnochio' (Writer and Director)

'Jungle Book' (Writer and Director) 

'Snow White' (Writer ad Director)

'The Hobbit' (Writer and Director)


Vedogon Theatre, Moscow

'Comedy of  Errors' (Director)

Travelling Light

'Tir Na N'og' adapted from Jim Sheridan's film 'Into The West'     (Writer and Director)

'Too Many Cooks' (Writer and Director)

'The Stones' (Director)

'Horsebottle' (Director/Deviser)

Plymouth Theatre Royal/Theatre Alibi

'Why The Whales came' Adapted by Greg from

Michael Morpurgo's book.Co-Directed with Nikki Sved

'Owl Service' by Anita Sullivan (Director)


Theatre Alibi

'Me and My Shadow' (writer and Director)

'Why The Whales Came ' Adapted  By Greg from Michael 'Morpurgo's Book'  Co directed with Nikki Sved of Theatre Alibi.


Bristol Old Vic

'Endgame' by Samuel Beckett (Director)

The Egg Theatre, Bath

'Robin Hood' (Writer and Director)

'Antigone' adapted from Sophocles and Anouilh.

Bath Youth Theatre  (Writer and Director)

New Perspectives

'Phileas Fogg' by Mary Nelson (Director)

'Toad of Toad Hall' (Director)

The Arden Theatre, Philadelphia

The Jungle Book  (Writer and Director)


Seattle Children's Theatre

'Tir Na N'og (Writer and Director)

'Pinocchio' (Director and Writer)


TNT/International Theatre Co. Munich

'Dorian Grey' (Writer and Director)

'The Great Gatsby' by Phil Smith (Director)

Roseneath Theatre, Toronto.

'Spirit Horse' First Nations Adaptation of Gregs play Tir Na N'og by Drew Hayden Taylor& Greg (Director) Eight tours throughout Canada.

New York State Institute

'The Tempest by William Shakespeare (Director)

'King of Shadows' By Adrian Mitchell (Director)

'Cards On The Table' by Agatha Christie (Director)

M.6. Theatre Co.

'Trouble' by Mary Cooper (Director)

'Peacemaker' by David Holman (Director)

'Forever' by Mary Cooper (Director)

'Andrews Angry Words' By Mary Cooper (Director)

'Spark' by Mary Cooper (Director)

The Brewhouse, Taunton.

'A Christmas Carol' by Alan Menken

Birmingham Stage Co.

'Kensukes Kingdom' (Director)

'Treasure Island' (Director)

'Why the Whales Came'(Writer/Director)


​Fairgame Theatre

'Salaam' (Devised  and Directed)

'Macbeth' (Directed) - Mixed cast of homeless young people and  professional actors. 

Keep On Moving' (Devised and Directed)

'Beauty and the Beast' (Devised and Directed)

'Arabian Nights' (Devised and Directed)

'Hansel and Gretel' (Written and Directed)


Greg Banks  |  | 07990 586575

2003/2004 Directed two projects, ‘Ananse’ and ‘Red Red Shoes’ for Italia Conti theatre students.


1997-2003Guest Director for six years at the Bristol Old Vic Summer School.


Directed two Restoration productions Way Of the World' and 'A Country Wife'at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama also ran a three week improvisation workshop.

Directed third year students in Caucasian Chalk Circle At Filton College, Bristol.

Guest Director, Cirencester F.E College ‘Hard Times’

Worked as director/Writer at ‘Barnstorm’ a summer drama camp for young people in the Forest Of Dean.

Directed ‘Flies On The Wall’ Youth Theatre showcased at The National Theatre.

Guest director/tutor at Dartington College of Arts...2 devising projects with students plus improvisation workshops

Numerous theatre workshops in schools.

Led International Theatre workshop in Scheersberg, Germany. Working on Edward Bonds ‘A narrow Road to The Deep North’.


BSc Hons economics, London University

Diploma Dance and Drama, Dartington College of Arts

PGCE  with distinction, Rolle College,

References available from:

Kate Cross at The Egg Theatre , Bath.
Kerry Irvine at Bath Spa University.

Deborah Moody, Year Out Drama, Stratford.


2019 Directed a workshop performance of 'Blood Wedding ' With  Year Out Drama Company, Stratford Upon Avon

Directed a devised piece 'Scamp' With Year Out Dram Co.

2016/17Guest Director at Bath Spa University directing third year Students in a ‘Servant and two Masters’ and ‘Wind In The Willows’.

2016 Guest director for Youth theatre at Baths ‘Egg Theatre’. Devising one show and directing a production of Antigone.

2015 Directed a Youth Theatre Performance in Italy with 40, 10-15 year olds Italians.

2013 devised and directed a performance with 16 year old pupils in danger of exclusion, Maidenhill School, Stonehouse, Stroud.

Youth Theatre
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