Scripts written by Greg, commissioned and produced by The Minneapolis Childrens Theatre are available for license. 


- Antigone 

- Huck Finn 

- Robin Hood 

- Pinnochio 

- Jungle Book

- Snow White ( available 2019)

- The Hobbit ( available 2019)


The above are available from:


-Tir Na N'og (For Travelling Light Theatre)  

-Too Many Cooks (For Travelling Light Theatre)  

-Why The Whales Came (adapted from Michael Morpurgos book of the same name)

-The Snow Queen

-Hansel and Gretel (For Fairgame Theatre)

-Dorian Grey


Available direct from Greg



-Tir Na N'og     

-Too Many Cooks  


(Also translated into German: available through Litag)

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